You are strongly advised to find accommodation well in advance of your planned arrival as the capacity of employee apartments owned by Charles University is limited.

Employees may use short-term accommodation at one of the university hotels (Jinonice, Celetná, and Krystal). However, these facilities are only suitable as a temporary solution. For extended residence, several university apartments are available. They are limited in number, however, and a call for tenders only happens when an apartment is vacated. Hence, you are advised to find private accommodation. You can search for this on multiple commercial web portals (such as Sreality). Realtors charge a commission, usually equal to one month’s rent. However, it is possible to find offers requiring only a refundable security deposit; this is usually equivalent to the rent for one or two months (for example, Bezrealitky).

Apartments for rent can also be found via Facebook groups such as Flat Rent Prague, Flats for rent in Prague, and FLAT RENTALS with NO COMMISSION.

The costs of rental living are generally much higher than if you have your own apartment and rental rates in the city centre are higher than on the outskirts. Most people commute to work; the Prague public transport system is efficient and affordable. Before you start seeking accommodation, it is advisable to get to know the individual districts of Prague as this provides a good pre-selection criterion if you have to browse a high number of search returns.