Access to Faculty network and e-mail

Every employee of the Faculty is automatically allocated an electronic mail box (within one day of receiving their employee card) in the domain, for example, In addition to this short address (the part before “@” being the Faculty login, which must always be used for logging into the mail box and other applications), users also receive an alias generated in the form ‘’, e.g., You can check your alias at

The alias serves as the second name of your mailbox. However, you can only log in using your login. The alias is always set as the default address in your sent messages. Thus, the addressee sees the message as sent by even though it arrives from This is because an address that uses the addressee’s surname only would cause confusion.

You can log into your e-mail box at or Alternatively, you can use other Google services.

You always need to enter your username (login) including the part after “@”. For example, enter and your valid password for the CAS.