Should you fall sick, please contact the head or secretariat of your workplace without delay. Your physician can issue a sick note for you (in electronic form in the Czech Republic).

Sickness allowances (“nemocenská”) are paid from sickness insurance. Insured persons are entitled to receive the allowance from the 15th calendar day of temporary incapacity for work or quarantine onwards. The allowance is paid on a per calendar day basis. Up until the 14th day of incapacity, the pay that employees receive is technically not the sickness allowance – it is salary compensation that employees receive from the employer for each business day of incapacity or quarantine. The sickness allowance is paid from the 15th day of incapacity onwards. The amount of sickness allowance is calculated from the reduced daily assessment per calendar week. This is calculated as the average daily income for the last 12 calendar months lowered by a factor referred to as reduction limits.