Mental health

A new psychological service has been set up at the Faculty of Science for both the students and staff. 

This service offers individual psychological counselling, psychotherapy and crisis intervention during difficult situations linked to studying and/or private life.The consultations are tailored to the character of a person’s particular problem(s); during the course of consultations, there is a possibility to concentrate on self-reflection and personal development, adaptation to change, managing of anxiety and/or other personal, psychological, and interpersonal problems/difficulties. Therapeutic consultations can be of a short or longer-term duration. 

You can make an appointment for a consultation by sending an e-mail to:

RNDr. Eva Kočovská, Ph.D. 

phone: +420 739 104 518, 

Albertov 6, 3th floor, room 329, 

Carolina Centre - Psychological Counselling for all CU students and employees.