Economic questions

How to procure goods or services for Faculty funds or funds entrusted to the Faculty

Once you become a project or grant bearer/principal, and start drawing funds when procuring goods, material, or services, you must always adhere to the Accounting Act.

When ordering goods, services, and so on, you first need to create an electronic request in the CIS application by clicking on Requisitions, then on New record, and enter the exact specification of the ordered goods, the quantity, a preliminary price quotation, selected supplier, and source of funds (order number). Once approved by the principal and budget administrator, a purchase order is generated. You can then send this order to the supplier. When you receive an invoice from the supplier, you need to register it in the mail room (Podatelna).

How to proceed if a supplier is not in the list of approved suppliers

If you cannot find your supplier in the list of registered suppliers (see ‘New record’ in the CIS), you need to apply for the supplier to be entered in the CIS. (Click on ‘Requisitions’, then on ‘Registration of supplier’.)

Can I place orders online using a card?

Card payments are possible at the Economic Department. To make one, you need to complete the Foreign payment – Liquidation report form available on our website. The liquidation report must include the order reference and be signed by the order’s principal.

What is the limit for investments?

Fixed tangible assets are individual movable items and sets of items whose period of usability exceeds one year and price per item exceeds CZK 40,000.

Fixed intangible assets involve in particular intangible research and development results, software, and appraisable rights with a period of usability exceeding one year and valuation exceeding CZK 60,000.

How to handle cash – the cash register

When procuring goods, material, and so on for cash, you need to complete the relevant fields in the Bill of cost, purchase in cash form, including any advance payments, the number of the order under which the cost is carried, and the signature of the principal of the operation. Then print the form, attach the original documents required for reimbursement, and submit everything to the Economic Department through the mail room (Podatelna). The Department will handle the request. The Faculty cash officer will then pay the cash to you with a receipt.

English-speaking contacts:

What do I do when I learn of a grant opportunity? Whom do I approach?

If a grant is approved, the Project Management Department offers basic advice, including links to competent employees in other involved departments. Ideally, you should inform the Project Management Department early when filing your grant application or invite them to participate directly in your submission. This way, the Department can give you the required information and experience. The Project Management Department can also assist in making better use of time and human resources. This will avoid scenarios where the applicant requests the Project Management Department to obtain the mandatory attachments with the signatures of Charles University’s statutory representatives at unmanageably short notice.

Make sure you contact a competent employee of the Project Management Department in the event of personnel changes – e.g., when new persons join a project that is in progress.


Primus, Czech Science Foundation, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Charles University Grant Agency:

Bc. Romana Hogenová,, tel.: 22195 1164

Andrea Johnová,, tel.: 22195 1965

International grants (Horizon Europe, ERC, MSCA, Norwegian Grants, etc.):

Mgr. Klára Sobotíková,, tel.: 22195 1964

Mgr. Tomáš Palatý,, tel.: 22195 1119

Ludmila Součková, Ph.D.,

Mobility schemes under Operational Programme Research, Development and Education

Mgr. Miroslav Kotrc,, tel.: 22195 1085

Domestic operational programmes (OP RDE, OP JAK, OPŽP, etc.):

Magda Dovhunová, Ph.D.,, tel.: 22195 1102

Mgr. Radka Kotačková,, tel.: 22195 1118

Mgr. Jan Vyskočil,, tel.: 22195 1128

Science at CU (Progres, Primus, Czech Science Foundation, Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, Charles University Grant Agency)

The individual sections are in charge of the Progres programme.

We recommend following internal instructions on the Faculty’s website and observing the internal schedule. Also, we recommend always getting in touch well in advance and communicating with the competent employees of the Project Management Department regarding project changes including their implications with regard to the grant provider’s terms and conditions.

Funding Opportunities newsletter

The Project Management Department regularly prepares the Funding Opportunities newsletter and recommends that all prospective applicants subscribe.