Electronic Mail

An electronic mailbox in the natur.cuni.cz domain, such as novak3@natur.cuni.cz, will automatically be set up for each Faculty student (within 24 hours from setting their password following the issue of the CU card). In addition to the short address (the part before @ is the Faculty login, which is always used for logging into the mailbox and other applications), an alias is generated for users in the form “firstname.surname@natur.cuni.cz”; for example, jan.novak@natur.cuni.cz. The alias is the second name of your unique mailbox. You can find more details about aliases on the CIT website.

Logging in is only possible with the login@natur.cuni.cz e-mail address (it must always be entered in this format). You can log into your mail at posta.natur.cuni.cz and/or at gmail.com. The Faculty e-mail environment is the same as freely accessible Gmail, only with extended features and completely free of advertising. We strongly recommend that you use your Faculty e-mail for communication within the Faculty; the address is included in the Faculty directory and teachers can send crucial information about teaching to this address. The address is also where you receive important information from teachers and the Faculty in good time. If you opt not to use your Faculty e-mail, set it to forward messages to the e-mail address you use. If you do not use your Faculty e-mail for communication within the Faculty, there is no guarantee of timely communication and of being informed, as messages sent from private e-mail addresses may end up in the spam bin. This is why we emphasise that you should use your Faculty e-mail.

It is also appropriate to use your Faculty e-mail address whenever you are dealing with matters related to the Faculty and your study.

Logging into electronic mail: posta.natur.cuni.cz