Teaching is a key activity at our Faculty, so if you are an academic worker, this may concern you. If you are unsure as to whether or not you will be involved, ask your Head of Department.

If you are going to teach, you may find the Teacher’s Handbook helpful – it will give you a basic idea of our Faculty’s study and examination rules, along with teachers’ rights and obligations. It will also show you the Study Information System and how subjects are managed, grades are registered, and so on.

Charles University has its own CU educational web portal offering attractive courses for both new and experienced teachers, although most are only available in Czech.

Charles University is also a member of the 4EU+ university consortium, which offers opportunities to become involved in shared teaching activities at five other European universities (Heidelberg, Milan, Warsaw, Copenhagen, and Sorbonne).

Electronic teaching tools

For electronic teaching, Faculty employees can use e-learning tools such as Moodle, MS Teams, Google Meet, ZOOM, and Google Classroom. You need to log into all the platforms using your Faculty e-mail and login .

Moodle, MS Teams, Google Meet, ZOOM, Google Classroom .