Software Licences

Employees may obtain software licences free or at discounted terms. To use some licences, a computer must be connected to the Faculty-wide computer network.

Licences available to Faculty employees:

Free software

  • MS Windows upgrades, MS Office 2019

  • Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)


Software at a charge

  • SELECT – Project, Visio, Win Servery

  • Adobe

Authorisation for home use

  • Special Windows upgrade and MS Office licences for working from home

Google Sites

All Faculty employees can use the Google Sites service. This enables them to create websites for teams, projects, or individuals simply, quickly, and without any programming knowledge. You can easily insert documents, tables, calendars, and multimedia files into the sites. You can also control access to the sites – keep them as a closed space for exchanging information and sharing documents within a team or between specific persons or post information for public access.

Contact: Tomáš Petrus, e-mail:, tel.: 221 95 1022