Business trips

If you want to leave for a business trip, you should complete a travel order. 

 The business trip must have been agreed in advance with the head of your worksite as well as with the remitter and manager of the order from which you intend to draw funds for the trip.

Contact for questions regarding the Cestovní příkazy/Travel Orders application:

Pavla Pousková, tel.: 221 95 1160, e-mail:

Contact for technical issues with the Cestovní příkazy/Travel Orders application:

Petr Andrejko, tel.: 221 95 1020, e-mail:

Can I use a passenger car for business trips?

Faculty employees are allowed to use passenger cars for business trips; if they wish to do this, the car must be recorded in the Travel Orders application (including its certificate of roadworthiness).

Everyone who goes on business trips in connection with their work using Faculty cars or their private cars are required to take a mandatory drivers’ course once every 24 months. For course dates and further information, please contact Pavel Šimůnek, tel.: +420 732 929 747, +420 221 951 167.

Am I insured for a business trip?

Yes, the insurance cover for Faculty employees applies to each approved travel order – i.e., when your supervisor approves your travel order, you are insured from the date of the beginning of the trip. If the trip is extended, you should report this to your supervisor (or to the Department’s secretary).

The Faculty of Science has a travel insurance policy in place with Colonnade.

Insurance policy number: 2209268618.

The broker for the policy is AON – Aon Risk Solutions

Insurance cards are available from the Research Support Department.

Contact: Pavla Pousková, Research Support Department, e-mail:, tel.: 221 95 1160

In the event of a claim, always contact the insurance company first by calling the number on the card.

Business trips undertaken by employees aged over 80 must be notified to the insurance company beforehand (please inform us about such a trip well in advance; the Research Support Department will liaise with the insurer).

The insurance cover is available to all FSc employees subject to a travel order recorded in advance on the system.

For any other questions you may have, please contact