Computer Classrooms and Study Halls

The following is a digest of crucial information regarding computer classrooms and study halls, full details of which are published on the classroom website. The opening hours of study halls change during the year. Current information can always be found on the classroom website (the schedule icon next to each study hall or classroom; Czech only).

Computer classrooms

  • PUA (the “Albertov Compuer Classroom”; 20 terminals) – Albertov 6, basement left, room S01

  • B5 (19 terminals) – Viničná 7, 1st floor right, room 110

  • B311 (24 notebooks) – Viničná 7, 3rd floor, computer classroom, room 311

  • K1 (19 PCs) – Albertov 6, 3rd floor by the lift

  • K2 (15 PCs) – Albertov 6, 3rd floor by the lift

  • Z3 (24 PCs) – Albertov 6 (the tower; the attic upstairs of the K1 and K2 by the lift), 4th floor

Computer study halls

  • A6 (the tower, 25 terminals) – Albertov 6 (the tower; the attic upstairs of the K1 and K2 by the lift), 4th floor

  • A6 (8 terminals) – Albertov 6, Geology Library, ground floor

  • V7 (17 terminals) – Viničná 7, Biology Library, 1st floor, directly opposite the staircase

  • H8 (8 terminals) – Hlavova 8, Chemistry Library, basement

The classrooms are used primarily for instruction in the presence of teachers. Students usually cannot work there individually outside scheduled classes. By contrast, study halls are intended for individual work and are usually accessible all day. Most of the software used for teaching in classrooms is also installed in the study halls. When working in study halls/classrooms, it is imperative to observe Dean’s Measure No. 4/2016 (Czech only) on the principles for using information technology equipment in conjunction with each computer classroom’s (study hall) rules of operation, which are available on the classroom website in the Classroom Rules section.

Logging into the system

  1. The Username is the Faculty login (e.g., novak3). You cannot log in using your ID number of person or an alias, although the system will accept an e-mail address (

  2. The password is the same as your CAS password. If you cannot log in, check your keyboard settings (Num Lock and Caps Lock, keyboard language, special characters in the password) and make sure you are logging into the PRFUK domain.

  3. Your account will be locked for thirty minutes following ten unsuccessful login attempts.

Data storing

  1. Every user has their own network drive (J:) with a capacity of 200 MB (400 MB for geographers). The drive is accessible only to its user from any computer (or terminal) in the classrooms and study halls. The drive is used to store the results of your work. Your drive storage quota can be increased temporarily in justified cases.

  2. All users can save data on the network drive (T:). The data is publicly accessible to anyone on the FSc network. The drive is regularly deleted; in effect, it is used for instantaneous sharing of data between users rather than for data storage.

  3. The other network drives (S: and V:) contain the data necessary for teaching depending on the teacher’s instructions.

  4. You can save temporary data on local computer drives (except for terminals that have no drives), on your own media, and/or on shared server drives.

Logging out

When you finish work, you always need to log out (Start > Vypnout > Odhlásit). If no one else is going to work on the computer after you, turn the computer off.

Virtual terminals

Certain classrooms and study halls provide virtual terminals instead of standard PCs. When you log in, the “boxes” will connect you to one of the many operating systems waiting and ready for use. Keep in mind that, at the time, you are not sitting at a computer with a drive C:, even though it may look like you are. When you log out and then log in again, you will probably be connected to a completely different virtual computer. Therefore, always make sure you save your data on the network drive J:, which is associated with your account, or to a flash disk.

Printing services

Study halls offer both black-and-white and colour printing and copying in A4 and A3 formats. Self-service printing and automated charging for services is provided by the MyQ system. To use the system, you need your student/ISIC card and a sufficient balance of funds in your MyQ account. The account is created and deleted automatically along with your account for classrooms; when you complete or interrupt your study, you need to use up any balance or collect it (from the Faculty cash office) in good time. The account will be closed on expiry of three months from ending your studies; any balance in the account will then be forfeited and cannot be collected afterwards. You can deposit cash in your account using slot machines in certain study halls or in the Faculty cash office. You can find detailed information on the separate Printing Services on the classroom website.

Do you need any advice or help?

We recommend all students pay careful attention to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section of the classroom website, which contains solutions to the most common situations you may face during your study and when using information technologies. If you cannot obtain the help you need, there is always an administrator available at the A6 Tower study hall, or you can send your inquiry to

Classroom website: (Czech only)