Popularisation of science

The promotion and dissemination of research and development results along with other events connected to Faculty life (exhibitions, major awards, and events for young people) is managed centrally by the Public Relations Department. This allows for synergies between various promotional channels that are not directly accessible to individual organisational units. Many specialised media (journals such as Nature and Science) use precisely agreed dates for publishing releases, so coordination of publication output is vital.

For capacity reasons, the Public Relations Department is actively involved in promoting output with high relevance whose impact transcends the horizons of individual organisational units. (In principle, promotion is not used for Department seminars or for output involving a narrow scientific community in a specific area of research). Subject to further arrangements, it is also possible to use channels managed by the Public Relations Department for mandatory publicity, which is increasingly becoming an essential part of many grant schemes.

You can find detailed information about science popularisation options here.