Access to the buildings

Faculty buildings are open on business days from 7 am to 7 pm. Most entrances are fitted with employee and student card readers which provide full access to the buildings even after closing time. A permanently staffed reception desk will also allow you to enter the facilities.

Authorisation for using an entry other than the main entrance is granted in justified cases by the respective Section Vice-Dean, Secretary, or facility manager.

Contact chips are used only at the entrances to certain laboratories and animal facilities.

If you find that the access system is defective or dysfunctional, please report this by calling 2 2195 1045 or via e-mail to

Application forms for authorised entry to FSc CU buildings are usually completed by the worksite secretariat and approved by the head of the site.

Complete and print the application form, get it confirmed by the authorised person (the head of the site or other authorised person), and then send it via Faculty mail to the Information Technology Centre, deliver it by hand to Albertov 6, basement left, Room S04, or submit it in electronic form to

Contact: Michal Škvor, tel.: +420 221 95 1011,, Information Technology Centre, Albertov 6, 1PP, Room S04A