Faculty of Science employees can purchase meals at discounted prices at two cafeterias, Menza Albertov and Menza Budeč. The new development of the Albertov campus will necessitate the demolition of Menza Albertov, which will be temporarily relocated to the adjacent garden of the St. Elisabeth Convent.

At these cafeterias you can choose from several meals and order them in advance by logging in online ( or using terminals on the premises. You can also order a different side with your main course or have your meal boxed if you wish to take it away. You can purchase several meals at the subsidised price each day. If you do not order a meal in advance, you can still choose one when you arrive. If you order a meal but do not pick it up, the amount paid will be forfeited.

In addition, you can purchase lunch at a snack bar in Albertov 6 (ground floor), which is currently operated by bistro Živina, at the Golda bistro in the Chemistry Section building at Hlavova 8 (basement), and the First Faculty of Medicine snack bar at U Nemocnice 4 (in the yard). There are also several fine restaurants available in the vicinity of the Faculty.

If you want to heat up a meal you have brought from home, you can use the microwave ovens available in the tea kitchens of the individual Departments, Institutes, and sections.