Reporting problems

The CIT is in charge of addressing issues that arise with respect to logging into Faculty user accounts and connecting to Faculty networks and the Internet; problems with data back-up, storage, and security; issues with Faculty information systems; defects of IT hardware and software, printers, and other Faculty equipment; failures of Faculty telephone extensions and exchange; and issues with access control cards (employee cards).

Report any failures of access control systems; electrical and gas installations; lifts; extensive defects of the air conditioning system; and defects of water fixtures and water and wastewater pipes within Faculty facilities to the facility managers from OSBI.

Report any failures of the bike park access control systems to the receptionists or the facility managers from OSBI at Albertov 6 or Viničná 7.

Report any failures of the electronic fire alarm system, fire extinguishers, fire dampers, and any damage to stationary pressurised vessels to the officials at OSBI.

Report any defects of electrical and gas equipment, minor defects of air conditioning, failures of instruments, damage to pressurised cylinders, and defects of Faculty cars to the head of the workplace (Head of the Department, Director of the Institute, or head of section).