Information Systems

The use of information technology within the Faculty’s information system is governed by Dean’s Measure No. 4/2016 (Czech only).

Central Authentication Service (CAS)

CAS is responsible for enabling users to log into a wide range of information services provided by the University. The principal information for Faculty users is provided on the CAS website (CIT,; Czech only).

CAS Login and Faculty Login

When you receive your student card (see ISIC and Student Card), you will be given your identification number of person, a CAS login, and an initial password. Your ID number of person is printed on the student card below the photograph. You can find your CAS login once you sign in to CAS at, using your ID number of person. Two login names will be displayed: a personal number (eight digits) and a login. Newly generated Faculty logins are the same as the CAS logins. You can log into CAS, SIS, and most University-wide applications that use CAS for authentication using the CAS login or the personal number. The Faculty login is used for logging into the Faculty information system (computer rooms and study halls, the printing system, the Faculty website). To log into Faculty cloud systems (Google Workspace, Microsoft 365) use the Faculty e-mail in the form “”.


The initial password is valid for five days only and serves solely to set up a full, “verified” password. The verified password is valid for 365 days. Within 15 minutes of setting up the initial or verified password in the CAS, the password is automatically set in other FSc systems – provided that it already exists. Setting up the initial password initiates the creation of other accounts within FSc systems.

Certain new accounts require as long as 24 hours to set up! We recommend entering your telephone number and e-mail address (including non-Faculty e-mail) in the CAS; this eliminates the necessity for a physical visit should you forget your password or should it expire. Access can be renewed even when using a recently expired password.

Types of Passwords Used

Initial password: You can obtain your initial password (even repeatedly) from any student card centre (, at Albertov 6 in Office S04 or at the Biology Library in Viničná 7. You will need to produce your student card to prove your identity at a study hall; the card centres also accept ID cards. The initial password is valid in the CAS for five calendar days only from the day of issue.

Verified password: You can change your password to extend its validity once you log into the CAS.

Unverified password: For security reasons, FSc does not permit any change to password to this type (getting a new password via the Internet by entering one’ personal data). If you are unsuccessful in logging into your Faculty, CAS or SIS account(s), refer to the instructions and information on the CIT website, or ask the library staff for assistance.

Details about CAS and passwords:

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