Web Presentations

All students with a valid relationship to the Faculty in the CAS (currently registered) can use space on the central web server to develop and present websites whose contents and topic is related to their field of study. All the requisite information is available at natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/cit/web-aplikace/webhosting. Users can automatically use a small disc space for personal presentations that are materially related to their research, teaching activities or field of study. Departments and Institutes have special facilities allocated on the server for larger and/or longer projects.

Google Webs

All Faculty students and employees can use the Google Webs service. This enables users to create websites for teams, projects, and/or individuals simply, quickly, and without requiring programming knowledge. This online form of the Freshman’s Handbook was also developed using Google Webs. You can easily insert documents, tables, calendars and multimedia files in the Webs. You can also control access to the website – you can either keep it as a closed space for exchanging information and sharing documents within a team or between specific persons, or you can post them for public access.

More information is available at natur.cuni.cz/fakulta/cit/navody (Czech only)